Looking for people interested in adopting hounds.

We currently have two hounds we would love to find good retirement homes.

Please let the masters know if you are interested in adopting and we can work with Alyse to help you test drive an adoption after you meet the hounds.

Comedy is a 7 year old crossbred foxhound and has hunted successfully for 6 seasons. She is an ideal family dog. She’s funny, loving, enthusiastic and a little on the chubby side. She would work well in almost any situation. She adores kids and will play with a cat or another dog with no issues. She has shown she truly is ready to be a pet and is as enthusiastic about being a pet as she was as a hunter. 

Umber is a 5 year old American foxhound. She has never liked the thought of hunting, she would rather soak up your love or go for a hike. After asking her for 4 seasons to join us in the exciting chase we call foxhunting she has never once thought it was as fun as the rest. She is a small hound, ideal for a situation that can help her grow out of her comfort zone. She is a bit timid but she will do almost anything for a cookie!!