New England Hunter Trials


The New England Hunts Championship Hunter Trials will be held on Sunday, October 20, 2019 and will be hosted by the Myopia Hunt Club in South Hamilton, MA.


The course consists of natural obstacles typically found in hunting country. The divisions have been established to allow riders of various levels of experience (and bravery!) to participate, whether they are actually hunting or not. With the exception of Teams and Pairs, the course is ridden individually. It is not a timed event and is judged on the horse’s performance only. The majority of fences in each Division are below the maximum height.

Divisions 1, 2 and 3 are limited to Qualified horses only.
Division 4 is open to all riders.
For more information contact:

Wendy Wood, Myopia Joint MFH:


DIVISION 1: Heard Cup (maximum 4’0”)

DIVISION 2: Qualified Seniors (maximum 3’6”)

DIVISION 2a: Novice Qualified Seniors (average 2’6”)

DIVISION 3: Qualified Juniors (maximum 3’6”)

DIVISION 3a: Novice Qualified Juniors (average 2’6”)

DIVISION 4: Open (maximum 3’6”)

DIVISION 4a: Novice Open (average 2’6”)

DIVISION 4b: Open High (maximum 4’0”)

DIVISION 4c: Teams of Three (maximum 3’6”)

DIVISION 4d: Novice Pairs (average 2’6”)