Norfolk Hunt Pony Club

Photo Credit Ruth Baltopolous

Photo Credit Ruth Baltopolous

The Norfolk Hunt Pony Club (NHPC) strives to bring young horse lovers together to develop their horsemanship skills, learn teamwork, and enjoy a real sense of camaraderie! A Pony Clubber's education will come from a broad range of professionals and upper level Pony Club members and will encompass ALL aspects of horsemanship—from care and management to riding.

Pony Clubbers are encouraged to work their way through the nine stages of the progressive Standards of Proficiency, which test knowledge and riding ability. Pony Clubbers who attain the B, H-A, and A rating levels meet standards of competency that are recognized throughout the horse world!

Although owning a horse or pony is not required, the Norfolk Hunt Pony Club strongly suggests that members have regular access to an appropriate mount to use in Pony Club activities. NHPC does NOT provide mounts for its members.


This club meets approximately once or twice each month, often with breaks in summer and during winter holidays. Some meetings revolve around unmounted horse management skills, some will be mounted lessons, and others will address skills needed for a variety of Pony Club sponsored competitions (rallies) in which participation is entirely OPTIONAL. (The main focus of Pony Club is exposure to situations that will produce a knowledgeable, sensitive, and well-rounded horseman, thus Pony Club competitions are designed to TEACH more than judge.)

The Norfolk Hunt Pony Club is one of 10 member clubs of the Southeastern New England Region of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc. Pony Club is one of the leading junior equestrian organizations in the world, represented throughout 30 countries! The United States has over 600 individual Clubs spread throughout 48 states and the Virgin Islands, with more than 12,000 members. Programs are offered at NHPC in dressage, eventing, show jumping, mounted games, quiz, and foxhunting. During "unmounted" meetings members learn about feeding, shoeing, veterinary care, and other areas of horse management.